The Great Martyr Theodore the General

The Great Martyr Theodore the General (Commemorated 8th February)   Great Martyr Theodore the General (Ό Στρατηλάτης) lived in the Black Sea coastal city of Heraclea Pontica, where he served as a military commander during pagan emperor Licinius’ reign (308 – 324 AD). When Licinius learnt that St Theodore was a Christian who had converted many through his heroic actions and eloquent preaching, he summoned him to Nicomedia. St Theodore responded: “I cannot come at present, because the Heracleans are in an uproar. They have forsaken our gods and are worshipping Christ. Therefore, I entreat you to come, and to [...]

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St Ambrose of Milan (Commemorated 7th December)

St Ambrose of Milan (Commemorated 7th December)   St Ambrose of Milan was a profoundly inspiring Bishop who was well loved by the people of Milan and by the Byzantine emperors who sought his guidance. He was born in 340AD at Trier and became well-educated, having learnt both Greek and Latin. He was appointed Governor of Milan and ruled with the Christian virtues of love and fair justice, being attributes with which he was raised. He was so loved that he was elected as Bishop by the people of Milan, and was not baptised until after his election! As Bishop [...]

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St Iakovos of Evia (Commemorated 22nd November)

St Iakovos of Evia (Commemorated 22nd November)   St Iakovos Tsalikis was born in the village of Livisi, Asia Minor, in 1920. After the destruction of Smyrna by the Turks in 1922, and the forceful deportation of the Greeks, the Livisian refugees eventually settled in the small village of Farakla on the Greek island of Evia. Growing up in Farakla, St Iakovos attended primary school and became immersed in the life of the Church, where he would chant hymns and read prayers. His sanctity was evident from a young age and many of his fellow villagers would ask him to [...]

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St Dorotheos of Gaza

St Dorotheos of Gaza (Commemorated 13th August)   Today we see Gaza, in Palestine, as a dangerous place, full of strife and conflict. In the sixth century AD however, it was a place of prayer and asceticism. We still read about the monastic fathers of this area such as St Barsanuphius, St John the Prophet and St Isaias. These Saints, along with St Dorotheos, were to influence St John Climacus (author of The Ladder of Divine Ascent). St Dorotheos lived from around the years 505 to 565. In his youth, he displayed a zeal for secular studies and philosophy. However [...]

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St Cyril of Alexandria

St Cyril of Alexandria (Commemorated 9th June and 18th January)   St Cyril of Alexandria lived from 376 to 444. He was the nephew of Theophilus, the Patriarch of Alexandria, and received a classical education in languages and philosophy. St Cyril was Patriarch of Alexandria, succeeding his uncle, from 412 to 444. He left many works and commentaries on the Gospels of St Luke and St John, as well as the Epistles of St Paul. St Cyril was well-versed in theology, contributing greatly to the honouring of the Theotokos in our Church. He fought the heresy of Nestorius, who was [...]

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