Palm Sunday Crosses (Βάγια)

Palm Sunday Crosses (Βάγια)   When our Lord entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, sitting on the colt of a donkey, he was greeted with crowds waving palm leaves. They welcomed Him as the Messiah who would liberate Israel from the tyranny of the Romans. He had resurrected Lazarus from the tomb after four days, He had performed countless miracles, His fame had spread and the people came out to greet Him. “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!” Hence the use of the palm branch which was considered a symbol of triumph and victory! Jesus [...]

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Adorning the Epitaphio

Adorning the Epitaphio Holy Week is an intense week of services, day and night. We live the Passion of our Lord and Saviour, His trials, mockings, the Cross, His death, burial and Resurrection. On Good Friday, we commemorate the death and burial of Christ. There are three services: firstly, the Royal Hours which are read on Friday morning, consisting mainly of readings from the Psalms and prophecies. Immediately after this, it is the tradition for women and girls to prepare the funeral bier, known as the Kouvouklion. They adorn this wooden structure with beautiful flowers as it will hold the [...]

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Throwing the Cross in the Waters

Throwing the Cross in the Waters   On the sixth of January each year we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany or more accurately, Theophany, which is the manifestation of the Trinitarian God. At the baptism of Christ in the river Jordan, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descended on Christ the Son of God, and the voice of God the Father was heard. For all Orthodox Christians around the world it is called the Blessing of the Waters Day. It is not just a commemoration of a historical event in the life of Jesus, because in [...]

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The Antidoron

The Antidoron   The Antidoron (ἀντίδωρον) is the small piece of bread that is distributed by the priest at the end of a Divine Liturgy service. The literal translation of the word Antidoron means ‘instead of the Gift’. The Gift, of course, refers to the sanctified portions that are blessed during the Liturgy, and prepared during the proskomedi service in Matins, to be used for the Body of Christ for Holy Communion. Although it has been blessed, the Antidoron has not been consecrated, and consists of the remaining bread portions taken from the same prosforo (bread offering). It is imperative [...]

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Paraklisis to Panagia

Paraklisis to Panagia   A paraklisis is a supplicatory prayer that is chanted, at any time of distress or sorrow, for the benefit of the faithful. It can be chanted to a specific Saint, but prayers to Panagia are the most popular. Early Christians recognised the Theotokos as a powerful intercessor for those suffering and in need of protection. Christians have been seeking her intercessions from the time of the ancient Church up to this very day: “For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed” (Luke 1:48). During the first 14 days of August every year, the Orthodox faithful [...]

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