Vision of Isaiah

Vision of Isaiah   The 6th chapter of the Prophecy of Isaiah contains the remarkable account of the prophet’s vision of God’s throne and the heavenly court. While Isaiah was in the Temple, he saw the Lord in all His glory, “sitting upon a high and exalted throne,” surrounded by the six-winged seraphim who cried out “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory” (Isaiah 6:3). Falling to the ground, Isaiah confessed his unworthiness, saying, “Woe is me…for being a man, and having unclean lips … I saw the King, the Lord [...]

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The Seven Holy Maccabee Martyrs

The Seven Holy Maccabee Martyrs   Tradition informs us that the seven Maccabee martyrs, Abim, Antonius, Gurias, Eleazar, Eusebonus, Alimus and Marcellus, their mother Solomonia and their teacher Eleazar, suffered in the year 167 BC under the impious Syrian King Antiochus. The King compelled the people to not live by the laws of God: “A man could neither keep the Sabbath, nor observe the feasts of his fathers, nor simply confess himself to be a Jew” (2 Mac 6:6). Eleazar, a Jewish scribe, was forced to open his mouth to eat swine’s flesh, however he spat out the flesh and [...]

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Prophet Elisha

Prophet Elisha   We first encounter the Prophet Elisha in the third book of Kingdoms. The Prophet Elijah had thoughts that he alone was left among the prophets of Israel, but it was revealed to him that “Elisha, the son of Shaphat of Abel Meholah, you shall anoint as prophet in your place” (3 Kingdoms 19:16). When the Prophet Elijah found Elisha, he was “plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him”. He threw his mantle onto him, thus signifying that Elisha was now the prophet of Israel (3 Kingdoms 19: 19). From that time, Elisha became Elijah’s loyal follower, [...]

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2 Kingdoms Chapter 24

2 Kingdoms*, Chapter 24 In verse 1 of this chapter, we read that God incites David against his people of Israel. It is not saying that God caused him to sin. Rather, it represents a reflection of the sinful state of David’s soul, since, against God’s wishes, David decided to conduct a census and count his people. This stirring of David bears parallels to the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart in Exodus 4:21. Much like Pharaoh, it was David’s decision to harden his own heart, rather than God interfering with free will. The decision to take a census does not seem [...]

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The Visitation of Abraham (Gen 18:1-8)

The Visitation of Abraham (Gen 18:1-8)   In this passage, Abraham revealed the aspects of his character that led to God promising the land of Canaan to his descendants. These characteristics were his hospitality and his spiritual discernment. Abraham was sitting at noon in front of the door of his tent (v. 1). He did this to extend his hospitality to anyone travelling past. This alone is extraordinary: the intensity of the heat of the Middle East at midday indicates the level of holiness that Abraham had achieved, being prepared to suffer on behalf of others in a way which [...]

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