The Theory of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution   The theory of evolution was developed by Charles Darwin (and supported by others such as Alfred and Wallace, Joachim Barrande). It proposes that all life is related and descended from a common ancestor. Darwin states in The Origin of Species that evolution is a gradual process where complex creatures have naturally evolved over time from more simplistic ancestors. He purports that as random genetic mutations occur within the genetic code of an organism, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival. Over time, the beneficial mutations accumulate, resulting in an entirely different organism. Proponents [...]

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The Power of Optimism

The Power of Optimism   The Second World War ended with the United States of America victors over the Japanese. To mark the event, a spectacular celebration was organised in Los Angeles. Over 100,000 people were present in an enormous stadium which was entirely converted into a theatre of war. The ground shook as grenades exploded, tanks fired, various armours of war went off. Aircraft above the crowd made daring movements, causing fear but also generating a strong feeling of pride for the victorious nation. Flood lights of different colours added a realistic picture of what war can be like. [...]

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JOY and the Christian Person

JOY and the Christian Person   In the previous issue of our periodical, we dealt with the topic of Friendship, and its importance for the growing child and adolescent. Whenever someone is with their friends they are filled with enthusiasm and joy. The faithful are characteristically people of Joy, as our Lord has said, “I will see you again, and your heart will Rejoice, and your Joy no one will take it from you”, and again, “Ask and you will receive, that your Joy may be full” (John 16:22, 24). The Apostle Paul commands in the same spirit, “Rejoice in [...]

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The Miracle of Friendship

The Miracle of Friendship   There is abundant scientific evidence that a healthy human childhood, both physical as well as psychological, leads to better physical health in adult life, as well as being a balanced and welladjusted individual. One factor that contributes to these benefits is the feeling of mateship that connects two or more people, without any erotic desire, with the bond of friendship. Between true friends, there are feelings of respect, devotion and interest of the wellbeing for one another. Unfortunately, the current tsunami of social engineering sweeping the country at present, wants now to distort friendship - [...]

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Words do not Change Reality

Words do not Change Reality   Every citizen born and raised in a Country where his forefathers lived and established themselves for centuries, loves and defends the place of his birth, and feels happy and secure only there. This is particularly true for the Greek people, who since antiquity the ideal was that their Country was superior to father, mother and anything else. The Spartan women when sending their sons to war, on giving them the Shield, the major armour of protection, were saying to them – “Come back either with it (as victor), or on it (as dead)”. The [...]

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