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Saints and Feasts:

Xenia of Kalamata the Great Martyr and Wonderworker

The Holy Martyrs Timothy and Maura of Antinoe in Egypt

Father Theodosius, Abbot of Kiev Caves Lavra

Ahmet the Calligrapher and Martyr of Constantinople

Martyrs Diodoros and Rodopianos, at Aphrodisia in Anatolia

Holy 27 Martyrs who died by fire

Mamai the Katholikos of Georgia

Pambo the Katholikos of Georgia

Michael of Ulompo, Georgia

Arsenius of Georgia

Peter the Wonderworker, Bishop of Argolis

Ecumenius of Trikala, the Wonderworker

Alexander I, Pope of Rome

Martyrs Alexander, Eventius and Theodulus

Juvenal of Narni

Glywys (Gluvias) of Cornwall

Scannal of Cell-Coleraine in Ireland

Adalsindis, sister of St Waldalenus, Abbess of Bèze in France

Ethelwine (Elwin, Ethelwin), Bishop of Lindsey

Philip of Worms, Zell

Ansfried, Bishop of Utrecht

Theophanes of Vatopedi, Metropolitan of Peritheorion

Schema-abbess Juliana and Schema-nun Eupraxia, of the Monastery of the Conception in Moscow

Gregory Archbishop of Rostov, Yiaroslavl and White Lake and Abbott of Kamennoi Monastery

Martyr Paul of Vilnius, Lithuania

Holy Six Virgin Martyrs of Geroplatanus, Chalikidice

New Martyrs Anastasia and Christodoulos, at Achaea

Irodion, Abbot of Lainici Monastery in Romania (+1900)

New Hieromartyr Nicholas Benevolsky of Alma-Ata (+1941)

Translation of the relics of Saint Luke of Mt. Stirion

Translation of the Dormition Icon of the Mother of God from Constantinople, to the Kiev-Pechersk Far Caves

“Svenskaya” (Kiev Caves) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

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