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Saints and Feasts:

Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Great Prince Vladimir I of Kiev, Enlightener of the Russian Land

The Holy Martyrs Cyricus and His Mother Julitta

Martyr Abudimus of the isle of Tenedos

Martyr Lolianus

Adalard the Younger of Corbie in France

Venerable Apronia (Evronie) of Troyes in France

Athanasius, Bishop of Naples in Italy

Benedict, Bishop of Angers in the west of France

Catulinus (Cartholinus), Januarius, Florentius, Julia and Justa, Martyrs in Carthage in North Africa

Donald (Donivald) and his nine daughters, ‘the Nine Maidens’, Hermits in Ogilvy in Scotland

Edith, Abbess of Polesworth in England and a sister of a King of England

Eternus, Bishop of Evreux in France

Eutropius, Zosima and Bonosa, Martyrs in Porto near Rome

Martyr Felix of Pavia

Haruch, Bishop near Werden in Germany

Secundinus, Agrippinus, Maximus, Fortunatus and Martialis, Martyrs in Pannonia

Swithn, Bishop and Wonderworker of Winchester

The Finding of the Head of St. Matrona of Chios

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