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Saints and Feasts:

Virgin-martyr Petronilla at Rome, daughter of the Apostle Peter

Apostle Hermes of Philippopolis, of the Seventy Apostles, the Martyr at Comana

Eusebius and Haralambos the Monk-martyrs at Nicomedia

Martyr Hermias of Comana

Martyr Magus (the Magician), who converted upon witnessing the martyrdom of Hermias

Martyr Philosophus at Alexandria

Five Martyrs of Ashkelon

Eustathius, Patriarch of Constantinople

Martyr Crescentian, in Sassari in Sardinia

Martyrs Cantius, Cantian, Cantianilla and Protus, in Aquileia

Lupicinus, Bishop of Verona, described as ‘the most holy and best of bishops’

Paschasius, Deacon and Confessor in Rome

Winnow, Mancus and Myrbad, Irish saints who lived in Cornwall

Philotheus Leschynsky of Tobolsk, Metropolitan of Tobolsk and the “Apostle of Siberia”

Hieromartyr Archpriest Philosophus Ornatsky and his sons Boris and Nicholas, in St. Petersburg (+1918)

Hieromartyrs Hierotheus Afonin, Bishop of Nikolsk (+1928) and Hieroschemamonk Seraphim Nikolsky (+1923)

First translation of the relics of Hieromartyr Philip II, Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia, to Solovki

Repose of Archimandrite Macarius of Peshnosha Monastery, disciple of Blessed Theodore of Sanaxar

Finding of the relics in 1960 of New Martyr Nicholas the Deacon, of Mytilene

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