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Saints and Feasts:

Vincent of Lerins

Venerable Symeon the Stylite the Younger of Wonderful Mountain

Gregory, Archbishop of Novgorod

Martyrs Meletius the Commander (Stratelates), Stephen, John and 1218 soldiers with women and children, including Serapion the Egyptian, Callinicus the former Magician, Theodore, Faustus, the women Marciana, Susanna, and Palladia, two children Cyriacus and Christian and Twelve tribunes: Faustus, Festus, Marcellus, Theodore, Meletius, Sergius, Marcellinus, Felix, Photinus, Theodoriscus, Mercurius, and Didymus — all of whom suffered in Galatia

Kyriakos of Evrychou, in Cyprus, the Wonderworker

Nun-martyr Martha, Abbess of Monemvasia

Martyrs Donatian and Rogatian

Martyr Afra

Martyr Robustian at Milan

Martyr Vincent of Porto

Martyrs Zöellus, Servilius, Felix, Silvanus, and Diocles in Istria

Patrice (Patrick), Bishop of Bayeux in France

Elpidius, Bishop of Aversa in Campania southern Italy

Venerable Nikita Stylites, Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl-Zalesski

Gregory, Archbishop of Novgorod

Translation of the relics of St. George of the Holy Mountain and Georgia

Repose of Monk Cyriacus of Valaam

Repose of Blessed Amphilochius of Rostov

Glorification in 1988 of Saint Xenia of Petersburg, Fool-for-Christ

Inauguration of the church of Virgin Mary in Karrais (Al Kara) of Syria

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