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Saints and Feasts:

Venerable Winifred of Wales, Niece of St Beuno

Acepsimas the Bishop, Joseph the Presbyter and Aeithalas the Deacon, Martyrs of Persia,

Dedication of the Temple of the Holy Great Martyr George in Lydda and the translation of his Holy Relics

Holy Father and New Hieromartyr Gregory of Neapolis

Theodore the Confessor, Bishop of Ancyra

George of Neapolis the New Martyr

Seven Martyrs at Sebaste

Venerable Akepsimas the Hermit of Cyrrhus in Syria

Snandulia of Persia

Acheric and William, Hermits at a monastery in the Vosges in France

Clether, Hermit in Herefordshire, England

Cristiolus, Brother of St Sulian and founder of Anglesey in Wales

Domnus, Bishop of Vienne in France

Elerius, Abbot of the north of Wales

Englatius, Bishop of Tarves in Aberdeenshire in Scotland

Florus, Bishop of Lodève in Languedoc in France

Gaudiosus, Bishop of Tarazona

Guenhael, Abbot of Landevennec

Hermengaudius, Bishop of Urgell in Spain

Hubert, Bishop of Maastricht in Holland

Papulus, Martyred Priest in France

Pirmin, Bishop of Rhineland in Germany

Rumwold, three-day old infant and prince, who professed the Faith immediately after baptism and then died

The Innumerable Martyrs, An exceedingly large number of martyrs put to death in Saragossa

Sylvia, The mother of St Gregory the Great

Valentine and Hilary, priest and his deacon, beheaded at Viterbo near Rome

Valentinian, Bishop of Salerno in the south of Italy

Vulganius, Enlightener of the Atrebati and Hermit in Arras, France

Wulgan of Canterbury in England

Venerable Pimen the Bulgarian of the Zographou Monastery on Mt. Athos

Princess Anna Vsevolodna of Kiev

Venerable Nicholas, Radiant Star of the Georgians

Winefride of Treffynon

New Hieromartyrs Basil, Peter, Basil, Alexander, Vladimir, Sergius, Nicolos, Vicentius, John, Peter, Alexander, Paul and Simeon (+1937)

Virgin-martyr Evdokia (+1938)

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