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Saints and Feasts:

Venerable Amalia (Amalberga) of Belgium

Righteous Father Anthony of the Kiev Caves, Founder of Monasticism in Russia

Deposition of the Precious Robe of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Moscow

45 Holy Martyrs of Nikopolis, Armenia, including Martyrs Leontius, Maurice, Daniel, Anthony, Alexander, Anicetus, Sisinius, Meneus, and Belerad

Gregory, Bishop of Assos near Ephesus

Martyrs Bianor and Silvanus of Pisidia

Martyr Apollonius of Sardis, Lydia

10 000 Fathers of the desert and caves of Scetis, martyred by the impious Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria

Martyr Nicodemus the Albanian of Elbasan

Holy Hieromartyr Joseph of Damascus and his companions

Synaxis of All Saints of Vatopedi Monastery, Mt. Athos

Athanasius, of Pentaschoinon

Venerable Parthenius (+1905) and Eumenius (+1920), restorers of the Monastery of Koudouma on Crete

Synaxis of Saint John the Theologian at Biatou

Tithois the Martyr

Metropolitan George the Sweet, of Thessaloniki

Alexander, Martyr in Rome

Amelberga, mother of Saints Gudula, Emebert and Reineldis

Amelberga, nun at Münsterbilsen in Belgium

Etto, Abbot of St Peter’s at Fescau, Belgium and bishop

Januarius, Marinus, Nabor and Felix, Martyrs in North Africa.

The three brothers Lantfrid, Waltram and Elilantus, founders of the monastery of Benediktbeuren in Bavaria, Germany

Pascharius (Pasquier), Bishop of Nantes in France

Peter of Perugia, founder of the monastery of St Peter in Italy

Rufina and Secunda, virgin-martyrs in Rome under Valerian

Rufinus and Secundus, early Martyrs

Seven Brothers, early martyrs in Rome who became brothers through sharing martyrdom: Januarius, Felix, Philip, Sylvanus, Alexander, Vitalis and Martial

Venerable Silvanus (Silouan) the Schemamonk of the Kiev Far Caves

Monkmartyr Nectarius of St Anne Skete on Mt Athos

New Hieromartyrs Peter and Stephen priests, Gregory and Nestor deacons (+1918)

Translation of the Holy Relics of Saint Gregory, Bishop of Assos in Gera, Lesbos

Translation of the relics of Saint Basil, Bishop of Ryazan

“Konevits” Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

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