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Saints and Feasts:

Tychon the Wonderworker, Bishop of Amathus in Cyprus

Moses of Optina, Founder of the Optina Skete

40 Martyrs of Rome

Mark the Just of Apollonia, nephew of Apostle Barnabus

Actinea and Graecina of Volterra in Italy

Aurelian, Bishop of Arles in France

Aureus, Bishop of Mainz in Germany, his sister Justina and Companions

Berthaldus (Bertaud), Hermit in the Ardennes in France

Cettin (Cethagh), Bishop and disciple of Saint Patrick

Colman McRoi, Founder of Reachrain near Dublin in Ireland.

Curig, Bishop of Llanbadarn in Wales

Felix and Maurus, hermits of San Felice near Narni in central Italy.

Ferreolus and Ferrutio of Besançon in France

Ismael, Bishop of Wales

Similian (Sambin), Bishop of Nantes in France

Simplicius, Bishop of Bourges

Venerable Tikhon of Kaluga

Tikhon of Luchov

Tikhon of Krestogorsk in Vologda

Martyrs Tigrius and Eutropius of Constantinople

Mnemonius, Bishop of Amathus in Cyprus


Kaikhosro the Georgian

Martyr Hermogenes (Germogen), Bishop of Tobolsk (+1918)

Hieromartyrs Euphremius, Michael and Peter and Martyr Constantine (+1918)

Translation of the Holy Relics of Saint Theodore of Syceus

Synaxis of the Theotokos “of Servitude” (Diakonias)

Repose of Elder Gerasimus of St. Tikhon of Kaluga Monastery

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