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Saints and Feasts:

Titus the Wonderworker

Theodora the Virgin-martyr of Palestine

Amphianos and Aedesios the Martyrs of Lycia

Martyr Polycarp of Alexandria

Venerable Stephen the Wonderworker, in Ascalon, Palestine

George of Atsquri (Georgia)

Urban, Bishop of Langres in France

Abundius, Bishop of Como in the north of Italy

Victor, Bishop of Capua in the south of Italy

Nicetius of Lyon, in Gaul

Brónach (Bromana), Virgin of Glen-Seichis, Kilbronach in Ireland

Musa, Child in Rome who was granted visions

Lonochilus, Foudner of Maine in France

Holy Virgin Agnofleda

Virgin-martyr Ebbe the Younger of Coldingham, Abbess of Coldingham Priory in south-east Scotland

Constantín I mac Cináeda, King of Scotland

Rufus, Hermit at Glendalough in Ireland

Drogo of Fleury-sur-Loire in France

Sabbas, Archbishop of Sourozh, Crimea

Venerable Gregory, Ascetic of Nicomedia

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