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Saints and Feasts:

Fall of the Holy City of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire on Wednesday, 29 May 1453

Theodosia the Virgin-Martyr of Tyre

Theodosia, Virgin-Martyr of Constantinople

John of Smyrna the New Martyr

Venerable Hepomone

Martyr Cyril of Caesarea in Cappadocia

Child-martyr Carellus, with martyrs Primolus, Phinodus, Venustus, Gissinus, Alexander, Tredentius, and Jocunda, at Caesarea in Cappadocia

Hieromartyr Olbian, Bishop of Anaea and his disciples, in Asia Minor

Martyrs Andrew and his spouse

Alexander, Patriarch of Alexandria

Venerable Jeremiah of Damascus

Martyr Restitutus, at Rome on the Via Aurelia

Maximinus, Bishop of Trier in Germany

Martyrs Sisinius, Martyrius, and Alexander near Trent

Maximus, Bishop of Verona in Italy

Venerable Votus, Felix and John, Hermits in the Pyrenees

John de Atares

King Ethelbert II of East Anglia

Gerald, Bishop of Mâcon

Ulric of Einsiedeln

Eleutherius of Rocca d’Arce, Confessor, at Arcano in Lazio

Righteous John and Mary of Ustiug (Vologda)

Venerable Helena Dragaš (Hypomone, Ipomoni of Loutraki)

Blessed Constantine XI Palaiologos, last Byzantine emperor

New Martyr Andrew of Argentes, in Chios

Blessed John of Ustiug, Fool-for-Christ

Martyred Fathers and Mothers of Atchara, Georgia

John the Dwarf of Thessalonica

New Hieromartyr Euthymios (Agritellis) of Zela, in Pontus, Bishop (+1921)

Hieromartyr John Preobrazhensky (+1938)

Deacon Martyr Andrew Trofimov (+1938)

Repose of Schemamonk Michael of Valaam

Repose of Nun Dorothea of Sukhotin Monastery

Uncovering of the relics in 2000 of St. Job (Joshua in schema), Schemamonk of Anzersk Island, at Solovki

Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Surety of Sinners” in Moscow

Icon of the Mother of God “Non-Slumbering Eye” (“Unsleeping Eye”)

Icon of the Mother of God “Imperial” (“Tsesarskaya-Borovskaya”)

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