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Saints and Feasts:

The Holy Martyrs Zenobius and His Sister Zenobia

Martyr Apollonia, Virgin and Deaconess and those with her in Alexandria

Cleopas, Tertius, Mark, Artemas and Justus, Apostles of the 70

Hieromartyr Marcian the Bishop of Syracuse

Martyr Eutropia of Alexandria

Martyr Anastasia of Thessalonica

Jotham Zedgenidze of Georgia

Therapon, ascetic of Lythrodntan and John the Wonderworker

Stephen Milutin, his brother Dragutin (Theoctistus) and Helen their mother of Serbia

Demius the Martyr

Holy 9 Martyrs

Martyrs Alexander, Cronion, Julian, Macarius and 13 companions at Alexandria

Martyr Dometius of Phrygia

Patriarchs Joseph and Kyriakos of Constantinople

Martyr Manuel


Earl of Mercia

Between one and two hundred Martyrs of North-West Africa

Virgin martyr Arilda of Gloucestershire in England

Claudius, Lupercus and Victorius, Three brothers, martyred in Léon in Spain

Ethelnoth ‘the Good’, Archbishop of Canterbury

Eutropia, martyr in North Africa

Eutropia, holy woman who lived in Auvergne in France

Germanus, Bishop of Capua

Herbert, Abbot of Marmoutier and Archbishop of Tours in France

Lucanus, martyr in Lagny in France

Marcellus, Roman centurion in Tangier in North Africa

Nanterius, Abbot of Saint-Mihiel in Lorraine in France

Saturninus, martyr in Cagliari in Sardinia

Talarican, Bishop in Scotland

Theonestus, Bishop of Philippi in Macedonia

New Hieromartyr Leonid (+1941)

New Hieromartyr Mathew (+1942)

New Hieromartyrs Archpriest Philosoph Ornatsky with his sons Nicholas and Boris in St. Pertersburg (+1918)

Eugene (Zernov), metropolitan of Nizhni Novgorod (+1935)

New Hiero-confessor Varnava (Nastic) of Bosnia (+1964)

Repose of Our Venerable Father, Galaction of Simonopetra (+2014)

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