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Saints and Feasts:

The Holy Virgin-Martyr Glyceria at Heraclea, Propontis

Martyr Laodicius, jailer of Saint Glyceria

Theoctistus of Tekoa, Palestine

Pausicacius, Bishop of Synnada

Nicephoros, Presbyter of Ephapsios

Sergius (George) Confessor of Constantinople, with his wife Irene and children

Euthymius the New Illuminator, founder of Iveron Monastery, and his fellow Georgian saints of Mount Athos: His father monk-martyr John of Iveron, his cousin monk-martyr George of Iveron and monk-martyr Gabriel of Iveron

Abban of Ireland, Missionary in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Martyr Alexander of Rome

Valerian, Bishop of Auxerre in France

Onesimus of Gaul, Bishop of Soissons in France

Servatius, Bishop of Tongres the Netherlands

Agnes, Abbess of Holy Cross at Poitiers in France

Mael, Ascetic on the Isle of Bardsey

Natalis, Bishop of Milan in Italy

Anno, Bishop of Verona in Italy

Merwenna, Abbess of Rumsey in Hampshire

Blessed Ascetic Fortis Gabrielli

Venerable monk-martyrs of Iveron Monastery by the Latins

Macarius, Abbot of Glushitsa Monastery, Vologda

Righteous Virgin Glyceria of Novgorod

Hieromartyrs Basil Sokolov, Alexander Zaozersky, and Christopher Nadezhdin (+1922)

Hieromartyr Macarius Telegin and Martyr Sergius Tikhomirov (+1922)

103 New Hieromartyrs of Cherkassk (+20th century)

Consecration of the Monastery of Panagia Pantanassa (Most-Holy Queen of All), on the small island of Hagia Glykeria (Incirli Adasi) in the Bay of Tuzla

Translation of the relics of Hieromartyr Saint Macarius, Archimandrite of Ovruch and Pinsk, from Kaniv to Pereyaslavl

Repose of righteous Priest Alexis of Bortsurmany, disciple of St. Seraphim of Sarov

Repose of Rassophore Monk John, of St. Nilus of Sora Monastery

Repose of Eldress Sepfora of Klykovo (+1997)

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