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Saints and Feasts:

The Holy Apostles Andronicus and Junia of the 70 Apostles

Holy Godbearing Nectarius, the Builder of the Holy Monastery of Varlaam of Meteora and his brother Theophanes, the gate-keeper of Meteora

Theodotos the Martyr of Ancyra and the 7 Virgin-martyrs

Athanasius the New, Bishop and Wonderworker of Christianople

The New Martyrs of Batak, Bulgaria

Martyrs Solochon, Pamphamer, and Pamphalonat Chalcedon

Martyrs Adrion, Victor and Basilla in Alexandria

Hieromartyr Theodoret of Antioch,

Venerable Dodo of the St David-Gareji Monastery, Georgia

Stephen the New, Patriarch of Constantinople

Restituta the martyr in Carthage

Martyrs Heradius, Paul, and Aquilinus near Lake Geneva

Maden (Madrona)

Cathán, Bishop in the Isle of Bute in Scotland

Mailduf, founder of Malmesbury Abbey

Gerebernus, Hieromartyr, priest from Ireland who accompanied St Dymphna to Belgium and shared in her martyrdom

Rasso (Ratho), Founder of a Benedictine abbey at Wörth

Venerable Andronik the Grave-Digger of the Kyivan Zverynetsky Monastery

Venerable Eudoxia of Moscow (in monasticism Euphrosyne), Grand-Duchess of Moscow

Great-martyr Nicholas of Sofia

Nicolas Basdanis the New Martyr of Wallachia

New Martyr Eleazar (Lazarus), of Vasen in Russia

Jonah Atamansky, Archpriest of Odessa, the Wonderworker (+1924)

Commemoration of the Fall of Jerusalem in 614 AD to the Persians, with the loss of the True Cross to Persia, damage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by fire, and the martyrdom of over 65,000 Christians

Translation of the relics of Adrian, Abbot of Ondrusov, Valaam

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