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Saints and Feasts:

The Glorious Prophet Elijah (Elias)

Righteous Martyr Maria Skobtsova of Paris (+1945)

Elias of Jerusalem, Patriarch and confessor

Flavius of Antioch, Patriarch and confessor

Abramius of Galich near Chukhloma Lake, disciple of Saint Sergius of Radonezh

Ansegisus, monk at Fontenelle in France at the age of eighteen

Aurelius, Bishop of Carthage in North Africa

Elswith, Wife of King Alfred the Great, then a nun at the convent which she had founded in Winchester

Paul of St Zoilus

Rheticus, Bishop of Autun in France

Severa, Abbess of St Gemma (later Sainte-Sevère) in Villeneuve near Bourges in France

Severa, Abbess of the convent of Oehren in Trier in Germany

Wulmar, Founder of Samer near Boulogne, later called Saint-Vulmaire

New martyrs Lydia with soldiers Alexei and Cyril (+1928)

New martyrs Philosoph Ornatsky and those with him (+1918)

New hieromartyr Juvenal the Deacon

Martyr Ilia Chavchavadze of Georgia (+1907)

Priestmartyr Dimitri Klepinin (+1945)

New Hieromartyrs Constantine and Nicolos (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs Alexander, George, John, John, Sergius, Theodore, Tykhon, George, Cosmas and Martyrs Euphimius and Peter (+1930)

Martyr Salome the Georgian

Consecration of the Church of the Forerunner in the Studite Monastery

Synaxis of the Russian Saints in France

Uncovering of the relics of martyr Athanasius of Brest-Litovsk at Brest Litovsk

Icon of the Mother of God “Chukhloma” from Galich

Repose of righteous priest Valentine Amphiteatrov (+1908)

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