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Saints and Feasts:

Tabitha, who was raised from the dead by Peter the Apostle

The Holy Martyrs Marcian and Martyrius the Notaries

Martyrius the Deacon

Martyrius the Recluse of the Kiev Caves

Anastasius the Fuller at Salona in Dalmatia

Vallerian the Martyr

Varus of Egypt

George, Bishop of Amastridus

Pappias, Diodorus and Claudianus

Two Martyrs of Thrace

Martyrs Chrysaphos and Chrysanthe

Faustus, Basil and Lucian

Nicephorus and Stephen

Philadelphus and Polycarp

Macarius, Bishop of Paphos in Cyprus

Martyr Sabinas

Martyrs Crispin and Crispianos of Soissons, France

Cyrinus, martyr in Rome

Dulcardus, Hermit near Bourges

Fronto and George, Apostles of Périgueux in France

Fructus (Frutos), Valentine and Engratia, Two brothers and a sister who lived in Sépulveda in Castile in Spain

Gaudentius, Bishop of Brescia

Goeznoveus, Bishop of Léon, Brittany

Guesnoveus (Gouernou), Bishop of Quimper in Brittany

Hilary, Bishop of Mende and Hermit on the banks of the Tarn

Hildemarca, Abbess of Fécamp in the north of France

Lupus, Bishop of Bayeux in France

Minias, Martyred soldier in Florence in Italy

Protus and Januarius, priest and deacon martyrs in Porto Torres

Theodosius, Lucius, Mark and Peter with Forty-two soldiers and one hundred and twenty-one civilians martyred in Rome

Matrona the Confessor of Diveyevo (+1963)

Translation of the relics of Venerable Sabbas the Sanctified

Translation of the relics of Venerable John of Beverly

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