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Saints and Feasts:

Venerable Sisoes the Great of Egypt

Venerable Sisoes the Schemamonk of the Kiev Far Caves

Virgin-martyrs Lucy, Rexius, and with them martyrs Anthony, Lucian, Isidore, Dion, Diodorus, Cutonius, Arnosus, Capicus, Satyrus, and others at Rome

24 Holy Martyrs of Campania

Holy Martyr Asteius, Bishop of Dyrrachium

Synaxis of the Apostles Archippus, Philemon, and Onesimus

Martyr Apollonius

Martyr Alexander

Holy Martyr Epimachus

Martyr Quintus (Cointus) of Phrygia, confessor and wonderworker


Holy Martyr Kirillos from Thessaloniki

Palladius, Apostle of Scotland


Martyr Dominica, venerated in Campania

Goar, hermit in Germany

Monenna (Darerca), foundress of Killeevy Monastery in Ireland

Noyala, holy virgin beheaded at Beignan, Brittany

Martyr Romulus, ordained by the Apostle Peter as first pastor of
Fiesole, and Companions

Saxburgh, Abbess of Monastery in Ely, sister of Saints Etheldred, Ethelburgh and Withburgh

Tranquillinus, Martyr in Rome

Martyrs Marinus, Martha, Audifax, Habakkuk, Cyrinus, Valentine, and Asterius in Rome

Martyrs Isaurus the deacon, Innocent, Felix, Hermias, Basil, Peregrinus, Rufus, and Rufinus of Apollonia in Macedonia

New Martyr Theodore (+1943)

New Hieromartyr Simon, Bishop of Ufa (+1921)

New monk-martyr Cyril of Hilandar, Mt. Athos, who suffered at Thessalonica

Barnabas, elder of the Gethsemane Skete of St. Sergius’ Lavra (+1906)

Synaxis of the Saints of Radonezh

Translation of the Holy relics of Saint Eudokimos

Uncovering of the relics of Holy Princess Juliana Olshanskaya

“Bororodsko-Ufimsly” Icon of the Mother of God

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