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Saints and Feasts:

Simon the Zealot and Apostle (Groom at the Wedding of Cana)

Laurence of Egypt

Martyr Hesychius the Palatine of Antioch

Isidora the Fool-for-Christ, of Tabennisi, Egypt

Isidore of Alexandria, Hieromonk and Hospitaller

Venerable Passarion the Presbyter of Palestine, Agapius and Philemon

Blessed Thais (Taisia) of Egypt

Martyrs Calepodius, Palmatius, Simplicius, Felix, Blanda and Companions

Martyrs Alphius, Philadelphus, Cyprian, at Lentini in Sicily

Martyrs Erasmus, Onesimus, and 14 other martyrs, in Sicily

Aurelian of Limoges, Disciple of St Martial of Limoges in France

Martyrs Quartus and Quintus in Rome

Comgall, Founder and Abbot of Bangor

Cataldus, Bishop of Taranto the Wonderworker

Virgin-martyr Solangia (Solange)

Simon, Bishop of Vladimir and Suzdal (Kiev Caves)

Venerable Laurence, monastic founder at Mt. Pelion in Volos

Blessed Simon of Yurievits and Zharki, Fool-for-Christ

Eustathios of Crimea, martyred in Theodosia, Crimea

Synesius of Irkutsk

Eldress Thaisia of Voronezh

Hieromonk Andrew (Abramius in Schema) of Whitehoof Convent (+1902)

The passage of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker through the island of Zakynthos, while on their way to Bari

Translation of the relics of the blessed martyr Basil of Mangazea in Siberia

“Kiev-Bratskaya” Icon of the Mother of God

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