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Saints and Feasts:

Sebastiane the Martyr

Arethas the Great Martyr

4,299 Martyrs with Arethas

Syncletike and her two daughters

Arethus, Theophilus and Sisoes the Recluse of the Kiev Near Caves

Elesbaan the King of Ethiopia

Athanasius the Patriarch of Constantinople

John the Hermit of Pskov

Holy Woman and her Baby

Mark, Soterichus and Valentius

Akakius the Presbyter and Nedron

Maglorious, Abbot of Sark of Ireland

Senoch, Abbot of Tours, the Healer

Cadfarch, Founder of Penegoes and Abererch in Wales

Evergislus, Bishop of Cologne in Germany

Felix (Africanus), Bishop of Thibiuca in North Africa, Audactus (Adauctus), Januarius, Fortunatus and Septimus

Fromundus, Abbot and Bishop of Coutances in France

Marcius, Hermit at Montecassino in Italy

Martin of Vertou near Nantes in France

New Hieromartyrs Lavrenty Bishop of Balakhninsk, Alexis and Martyr Alexis (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs John and Nicolos (+1937)

New Martyr Peter (+1938)

Icon of the Mother of God “the Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Mark, Soterikos, and Valentinos

Repose of Blessed Elder Zosimas Verkhovsky

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