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Saints and Feasts:

Venerable Hilda, Abbess of Whitby

Gregory the Wonderworker and Bishop of Neocaesarea

Maximian and Gennadios I, Patriarchs of Constantinople

Venerable Nikon the Abbot of Radonezh the Disciple of the Venerable Sergius

Venerable Lazarus the Iconographer, of Constantinople

Martyr Michael (Gobron) of Georgia and the 133 soldiers with him

Venerable Gennadius of Vatopedi, Mt Athos

Zacharius the Skytotomus and John

Longinus the Monk of Egypt

Justin the Monk

Zac the Persian

Hieromartyr Basil, Bishop of Hamah

Martyrs Zachariah the Cobbler and his wife, Mary

Martyrs Gregory, Victor and Geminus of Heracleon in Thrace

150 philosophers converted by St. Catherine, who suffered in Alexandria

John the Cobbler of Olumba, Cairo, and Sinai

Venerable John Dermokaitis of Olympus, in Bithynia

Martyrs Acisclus and Victoria, at Córdoba in Hispania

Eugene, Deacon of Florence with Bishop Zenobius

Anianus, Bishop of Orleans in France

Gregory, Bishop of Tours

Venerable Aredius, Abbot of Limoges

Vulfolaic, Stylite of Trier, Gaul

Namasius, Bishop of Vienne in France

Archimandrite Sebastian Dabovich of San Francisco and Jackson, Enlightener and Apostle of the Church in America (+1940)

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