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Saints and Feasts:

Polycarp the Hieromartyr and Bishop of Smyrna

Proterios, Archbishop of Alexandria

Gorgonia the Righteous, sister of Gregory the Theologian

Damian the New Martyr of Esphigmenou, Mount Athos

Venerable Polycarp of Briansk

John, Antiochus, Antoninus, Moses, Zebinas, Polychronius and Damian, Ascetics of the Syrian Deserts

Alexander the founder of the Monastery, of the “Unsleeping Ones”

New Hieromartyr Nicholas (Dmitrov) of Tver

John the Theristes of Stylos in Calabria

Holy 73 Martyrs of Sirmium

Martyr Clement

Martyr Thea

Virgin-martyr Martha in Astorga in Spain

Polycarp of Rome

Romana, 18 year old Anchoress of the Tiber in Italy

Syncrotas, Antigonus, Rutilus, Libius, Senerotas and Rogatianus, martyrs at Sirmium in Pannonia

Florentius of Seville and Confessor in Spain

Felix, Bishop of Brescia

Jurmin, East Anglian prince

Boswell (Boisil), Abbot of Melrose Abbey in Scotland

Mildburga (Milburgh), Abbess of Wenlock Priory

Medrald (Mérald, Méraut), Abbot of Vendôme

Willigis, Archbishop of Mainz

Cosmas of Zograf Monastery, Mount Athos

Moses of White Lake Monastery

New Monk-martyr Damian of Philotheou and Kissavos, at Larissa

New Hieromartyr Lazarus of the Peloponnese

Venerable Polycarp of Bryansk, monk of Bryansk

Nazarius, Abbot of Valaam Monastery

Seraphim (Zenobius), Schema-Metropolitan of Tetritskaro, Georgia, monk of Glinsk Monastery (+1985)

New Hieromartyr Michael Edlinsky, Archpriest of Kiev (+1937)

New Hieromartyr Alexis Nikolsky (+1938)

New Hieromartyr Nicholas Dimitrov (+1938)

New Hieromartyr Michael Razhkin (+1938)

Martyr Sergius Borodavkin (+1938)

New Hieromartyr Sergius (Bukashkin), Hieromonk of Novo-Alexandrovka, Moscow (+1938)

New Hieromartyr Antipas (Kyrillov), hieromonk of Tatarintsevo, Moscow (+1938)

New Hieromartyr Philaret (Pryakhin), Abbot, of Trubino, Tver (+1942)

Repose of Archimandrite Agapit (Belovidov) of Optina Monastery (+1922)

Uncovering of the relics of Blessed Matrona of Moscow (+1998)

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