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Saints and Feasts:

Philothei the Righteous Martyr of Athens

The Holy Apostles of the Seventy Philemon, Apphia, Archippus, and Onesimus

Holy Martyrs Maximus, Theodotus, Hesychius and Asclepiodota of Adrianople

Holy Confessors Eugene and Macarius the Presbyters of Antioch

Venerable Dositheus of Palestine, the Disciple of the Venerable Abba Dorotheus

Rabulas of Samosata

Venerable Conan, Abbot of the Pethukla Monastery

Sophronius the Bishop

Mesrop the Translator, of Armenia

Venerable Conon, Abbot in Palestine

Gabinus, martyr in Rome

Quodvultdeus, Bishop of Carthage in North Africa

Valerius (Valére), Bishop of Antibes in the south of France

Odran, the first Christian martyr in Irish history

Publius, Julian, Marcellus and Companions, martyrs in North Africa

Barbatus of Benevento

Mansuetus, Bishop of Milan and Confessor

Beatus of Liébana

George, Bishop of Lodève

Yaroslav the Wise, son of Grand Prince Vladimir the Great

Venerable Theodore, Abbot of Sanaxar Monastery

New Hieromartyr Nicetas, Hieromonk, of Epirus and Mt. Athos, at Serres

Maria, desert-dweller of Olonets

New Hieromartyr Vladimir (Terentiev), Abbot, of Zosima Hermitage, Smolensk (+1933)

New Martyr Demetrius Volkov (+1942)

Icon of the Mother of God of Cyprus

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