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Saints and Feasts:

Our Righteous Father Anthimus the Elder of Chios

Onesimus the Apostle of the 70

Eusebius the Righteous of Asikha in Syria

Paphnutius the Recluse of the Kiev Caves

John Koulakiotis of Thessalonica

Spyridon and Nicodemus of the Kiev Caves

Titius, Justus, Chloe and Chrispus

Martyr Major of Gaza

Venerable Paphnutius the Monk, and his daughter Euphrosyne of Alexandria

Theognius, Bishop of Bethelia near Gaza

Faustinus and Jovita of Brescia in Italy

Virgin-martyr Agape, in Terni (Teramo) in Italy

Martyr Craton, Bishop of Terni, together with his wife and family

Martyrs Saturninus, Castulus, Magnus and Lucius of Terni in Italy

Dochow (Dogwyn), Founder of a monastery in Cornwall

Holy Virgin Georgia, Anchoress near Clermont in Auvergne in France

Severus of the Abruzzi in Italy

Quinidius, Hermit in Aix in Provence and Bishop of Vaison in France

Farannan, disciple of St Columba at Iona in Scotland

Berach (Berachius), Founder of Clusin-Coirpte in Connaught

Faustus, disciple of St Benedict at Montecassino in Italy

Oswy, King of Northumbria

Decorosus, Bishop of Capua in Italy and Confessor

Walfrid (Gualfredo) of Gherardesca

Martyrs Winaman, Unaman and Sunaman of Sweden

Sigfrid of Sweden

Druthmar, Abbot of Corvey in Saxony in Germany

Venerable Dalmatius of Siberia, Abbot and founder of the Dormition Monastery

New Hieromartyrs Michael Pyatayev and John Kuminov, Priests of Omsk (+1930)

New Hieromartyr Paul (Kozlov), Hieromonk of St. Nilus Hermitage, Tver (+1938)

New Hieromartyrs Nicholas Morkovin, Alexis, Alexis and Simeon (+1938)

Virgin-martyr Sophia (+1938)

Synaxis of the Church of St. John the Theologian at Diaconissa

Synaxis of the Icon of the Mother of God of Vilnius

Synaxis of Icon of the Mother of God of Dalmatia

Repose of Blessed Stoina (Euphemia) of Devic Monastery (Serbia)

Repose of Schemamonk Nikodim of Karoulia (+1984)

Repose of Monk Marcu Dumitrescu of Sihastria (Romania) (+1999)

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