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Saints and Feasts:

Ninian, Bishop of Whithorn and Apostle to the Southern Picts

Martyrdom of Great-martyr Euphemia the All-praised, of Chalcedon

Martyr Melitina of Marcianopolis

Venerable Dorotheus of Gaza, Hermit of Egypt

Sebastiana, disciple of Apostle Paul, martyred at Heraclea

Martyrs Victor and Sosthenes at Chalcedon

New Martyrs Isaac and Joseph at Karnu, Georgia

Martyr Ludmilla, grandmother of St. Wenceslaus, Prince of the Czechs

Cornelius, Pope of Rome

Hieromartyr Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage

Martyrs Lucy and Geminian, a widow and a neophyte martyred together in Rome

Martyrs Abundius and Abundantius, and John and Marcianus, in Rome

Cunibert (Curcodomus), Abbot of Maroilles Abbey near Cambrai in France

Virgin-martyr Dulcissima in Sutri in Italy

Eugenia, Abbess of Hohenburg Abbey

Rogelius and Servus-Dei, a monk and his young disciple martyred in Cordoba in Spain

Edith (Edithac) of Wilton Abbey

Stephen of Perugia, Abbot of St Peter in Perugia in Italy

Venerable Kassianos of Glyfia near Alektora, in Cyprus

Procopius, Abbot of Sazava in Bohemia

Cyprian, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, Wonderworker

Venerable Kuksha Velichko, Hiero-Schemamonk of Odessa (+1964)

New Hieromartyr Gregory (Raevskii) of Tver (+1937)

New Hieromartyr Sergius Losev (+1942)

Icon of the Mother of God Support of Humble, near Pskov

Translation of the relics in 2001 of St. Alexis Mechev of Moscow (+1923)

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