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Saints and Feasts:

Holy New Martyrs Elizabeth the Grand Duchess, the Novice Barbara and those martyred with them (+1918)

Holy Martyr Emilian of Silistria in Bulgaria

Holy Martyrs Paul, Thea and Valentina

New Hieromartyrs Appolinarius, Joachim and Callista, Hieromonks of Verkhotura

Great-martyr Athanasius the Senator of Klysma, Egypt

Our Holy Father John IX, Archbishop of Constantinople

John of Kiev Caves, the Long-suffering

Abba Pambo, Hermit of Egypt

Venerable Pambo the Recluse of the Kiev Far Caves

Leontius, Abbot of Karikhov in Novgorod

Hieromartyr Frederick, Bishop of Utrecht

Martyr Marcel

Martyrs Dasius and Maron

Stephen II, Archbishop of Constantinople

John, Metropolitan of Chalcedon

Hyacinthus of Amastrida

Barlaam the Anchorite of Antioch

Onesiphorus, Pammegistus, Pamphodites, Paphnutius, Pegon, Polemius, Sozomenus, Soterichus and Photius

Arnulf, Bishop of Metz and Hermit

Edburgh (Edburga) of Bicester, daughter of the pagan King Penda

Goneri, Hermit near Tréguier

Virgin Martyr Gundenis of Carthage in North Africa

Martyr Marina in Orense in Spain

Maternus, Bishop of Milan in Italy

Minnborinus, Abbot of St Martin’s in Cologne in Germany

Philastrius, Bishop of Brescia in Italy

Rufillus, Bishop of Forlimpopoli in Emilia in Italy

Symphorosa and her Companions: Crescens, Julian, Nemesius, Primitivus, Justin, Stracteus and Eugene

Theneva (Dwynwen), mother of St Kentigern and patron-saint of Glasgow in Scotland

Hieromartyr Kozman of Georgia

Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Tolga”

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