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Saints and Feasts:

Monica of Tagaste, the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo

Pelagia the Nun-martyr of Tarsus, Asia Minor

Hilary of the Desert the Wonderworker

Euthemios, Bishop of Madytos

Athanasios, Bishop of Corinth

Hieromartyr Albian (Olbian), Bishop of Anaea in Asia Minor, and his disciples

Martyrs Aphrodisius, Leontius, Anthony, Valerian, Macrobius, and 60 other monks at Scythopolis of Palestine

Hieromartyr Silvanus, Bishop of Gaza and with him 40 martyrs

Nicephorus, Abbot and Founder of Medikion

Hieromartyr Porphyrius

Curcodomus, Deacon of Rome

Hieromartyr Erasmus of Formiae, Bishop in Campania and 20,000 martyrs with him

Martyrs Florian and 40 companions, at Lorsch, Austria

Nepotianus, Bishop of Altino near Venice in Italy

Venerius, Bishop of Milan, a loyal supporter of St John Chrysostom

Conleth, Bishop of Kildare

Anthony du Rocher, Founder of Saint Julian in Tours

Ethelred (Ailred), king of Mercia and Monastic

Sacerdos, Bishop of Limoges

Gotthard, Bishop of Hildesheim

Theodosia (Fedosia), princess of Vladimir, (mother of St. Alexander Nevsky)

Nicephorus the Solitary and Hesychast of Mount Athos, teacher of St. Gregory Palamas

The Alfanov brothers of Novgorod, Nicetas, Cyril, Nicephorus, Clement and Isaac, founders of the Sokolnitzki Monastery

New Hieromartyr John Vasiliev (+1942)

New Hieromartyr Nicholas Tochtuev (+1943)

New Hieromartyr Vasily Martysz (+1945)

Translation of the relics of the Righteous Lazarus and Saint Mary Magdalene, Equal-to-the-Apostles, to Constantinople

Icon of the Mother of God “Staro Rus” (Staraya Russa) Old Russian

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