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Saints and Feasts:

Mildred, Abbess of Minster-in-Thanet, Kent

Leo, Bishop of Catania the Wonderworker

Bartholomew Bondarenko, Fool-for-Christ of Ukraine (+1931)

Agathus, Pope of Rome

Agathon the Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves

Cornelius the Abbot of the Pskov Caves

Sadoc (Sadoth) the Bishop of Persia and 128 Martyrs with him



Appia the Martyr

Macarius the Hieromartyr and those with him

Hieromartyr Eleutherius, Bishop in Byzantium

Martyrs Didymos, Nemesios and Potamios, in Cyprus

Eutropius the Martyr

Bessarion the Great, Wonderworker of Egypt

Veneranle Cindeus, Bishop of Pisidia

Venerable Plotinus,

Bolcan (Olcan), Bishop of Derkan in Ireland

Valerius (Valier), Bishop of Couserans in France

Falco, Bishop of Maastricht in the Netherlands

Eleutherius, Bishop of Tournai

Eucherius, Bishop of Orleans

Colgan ‘the Wise’ and ‘the Chief Scribe of the Irish’, Abbot of Clonmacnoise in Offaly in Ireland

Agathus, Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves Monastery

Martyrdom of Cornelius, Abbot of the Pskov-Caves Monastery and his disciple Bassian of Murom

Hieromartyr Abbot Macarius and 34 monks and novices of Valaam Monastery, Hieromonk Titus, Schemamonk Tikhon, Monks Gelasius, Sergius, Varlaam, Sabbas, Conon, Sylvester, Cyprian, Pimen, John, Simonas, Jonah, David, Cornelius, Niphon, Athanasius, and Serapion and Novices Varlaam, Athanasius, Anthony, Luke, Leontius, Thomas, Dionysius, Philip, Ignatius, Basil, Pachomius, Basil, Theophilus, John, Theodore, and John.

New Hieromartyr Nicholas Rozov, Priest (+1938)

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