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Saints and Feasts:

Methodius and Cyril, Equal-to-the Apostles Illuminators of the Slavs

Theopemptos the Martyr and his Companions

Dioscoros the New Martyr

Martyr Evellius

Martyrs Maximus, Bassus, and Fabius

Hieromartyr Mocius, presbyter of Amphipolis in Macedonia, beheaded in Byzantium

Martyr Armodius

Martyr Acacius of Lower Moesia

Clement of Ohrid, Sabbas, Angelarius, Gorazd, and Naum of Preslav

Rostislav the Prince of Great Moravia, Confessor of the Faith

Hieromartyr Anthimus of Rome, and martyrs Sisinius the deacon with Diocletius and Florentius

Principia of Rome, holy virgin in Rome and disciple of St Marcella

Mammertus, Archbishop of Vienne

Possessor, Bishop of Verdun

Tudy (Tudinus), disciple of St Brioc in Brittany

Credan of Cornwall


Fremund of Dunstable the Hermit

Odo, Abbot of Cluny

Mayeul (Majolus), Abbot of Cluny

Odilo of Cluny

Martyrs Olympia, Abbess of Mytilene, and nun Euphrosyne

Sophronius of the Kiev Caves, recluse

Nicodemus of Pec, Archbishop of Serbia

Hieromartyr Joseph, Metropolitan of Astrakhan

New Martyrs Dioscorus and Argyrus of Thessalonica

Blessed Christopher (Christesias) of Georgia

Theophylact, Bishop of Stavropol and Ekaterinodar

New Hieromartyr Michael Belorossov (+1920)

New Hieromartyr Alexander Petrovsky, Archbishop of Kharkov (+1940)

Commemoration of the Founding of Constantinople in 330 as Capital of the Roman Empire

Consecration of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

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