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Saints and Feasts:

Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Syria

Hieromartyr Polychronius of Gamphanitus and 10 Martyrs with him

Venerable Sergius, Abbot of Nurma in Vologda

Martyrs Julian the Presbyter and Caesarius the Deacon at Terracina

Sergius the Obedient of the Kiev Caves Monastery

Martyrs Eusebius and Felix at Terracina

Leontius the Governor

John the Hermit and 98 Fathers of Crete

Martyrs Felix, Andechius and Thyrsus of Solien, France

Adalgis, Bishop of Novara in Italy

Augustus, Abbot of Bourges in France

Canog (Cynog), Martyred by barbarians in Merthyr-Cynog

Dubtach, Archbishop of Armagh in Ireland

Helanus, Priest in France with his nine siblings

Virgin Martyr Justina in Padua in Italy

Marcellus and Apuleius, Martyrs in Capua in Italy

Mark, Pope of Rome

Osyth, Princess of the Hwiccas in the west of England and Founder of the River Colne in Essex

Palladius, Bishop of Saintes in France

Elder Joseph of Khevi, Wonderworker of Georgia

The Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker Jonah of Manchuria (+1925)

Russian New Heiromartyr Valentine Sventitsky in Moscow (+1931)

New Hieromartyr Nicolos (+1942)

Synaxis of the Theotokos of Tryphene

Uncovering of the relics of Saint Martinian of Byelozersk, Abbot of Ferapontov Monastery

Translation of the Holy Relics of Venerable John the Presbyter the New Chrysostom and Merciful of Chaldias, Asia Minor

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