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Saints and Feasts:

Martyr Wiborada, Anchoress of St. Gallen Abbey in Germany

Removal of the Relics of Athanasius the Great

Boris, King and Enlightener of Bulgaria (Michael in Baptism), Equal-to-the-Apostles

Jordan the Wonderworker

Martyrs Hesperos (Exuperius) and Zoe, and their sons Cyriacos and Theodoulos, at Attalia

Sabbas, Bishop of Dafnousia

Valentine, Bishop of Genoa in Italy

Germanus of Normandy, martyred in France

Hieromartyrs Vindemialis, Eugene and Longinus, Bishops in North Africa

Neachtain, a relative of St Patrick of Ireland

Ultan, Irish monk, brother of Saints Fursey and Foillan

Waldebert, Abbot of Luxeuil in France

Bertinus the Younger, Benedictine monk at Sithin, in France

Felix, Deacon and Martyr of Seville

Athanasius of Syandem and Valaam

Venerable George of Gomatius

Venerable Gervasius of Gomatius the Athonite and Fool-for-Christ

Patriarch Athanasius III Patelaros, of Constantinople, from Lubensk (Lubny), Wonderworker

Blessed Basil of Kadom, fool-for-Christ

Translation of the relics of the holy passion-bearers Boris and Gleb (in holy baptism Romanus and David)

Matrona the Blind, the Righteous Wonderworker of Moscow (+1952)

Icon of the Theotokos of Putivilsk

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