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Saints and Feasts:

Martin the Confessor, Pope of Rome

Theodosia the Princess (daughter of Emperor Hadrian), and the Eunuch Gerontios

Martyrs Dadas, Quinctillian and Maximus, the Lectors

Martyr Crescens of Myra in Lycia

Martyrs Eleutherius of Persia, and Zoilus

Martyr Theodosius

Martyrius, Patriarch of Jerusalem

Two Confessor Bishops, with St. Martin the Confessor

Venerable martyr Christophoros, of the Great Lavra of St. Sabbas the Sanctified

Ursus, Bishop of Ravenna and Confessor

Martius, Abbot, of Clermont in Gaul

Hermenegild, son of the Visigothic King of Spain

Guinoch of Buchan, a Bishop in Scotland

Arsenios of Suzdal, Archbishop of Elassona

Anastasia (Duchess Alexandra Petrovna of Oldenburg), Foundress of the Holy Protection Convent (Pokrovsky) in Kiev (+1900)

New Hieromartyr Stephen (Bekh), Bishop of Izhevsk (+1933)

Holy New Martyrs of Vasiliisk in St Nicholas’ Eparchy in Ukraine (+1937)

New Hieromartyr Sergius Shtenko

Martyrs Prochor Bunchuk and St Cyril Preymak

Virgin-martyr Martha Testova (+1941)

Repose of Archimandrite Herman of Svyatogorsk

Synaxis of the Holy Icon Axion Estin in Adein

Synaxis of the Icon of the Mother of God Pantanassa of Mystra

Translation of the relics in 1967 of the Holy New Martyr George of Cyprus

Repose of Elder Cosmas of Pantokratoros monastery, Mt. Athos (+1970)

Repose of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica, Serbia (+2003)

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