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Saints and Feasts:

Marcellinus, Pope of Rome

Basil the Holy Martyr Bishop of Amasea

Glaphyra the Righteous of Nicomedia

Martyrs Cyril, Chindeu, and Tasie of Axiopolis

Andrew and Anatolius, disciples of St. Euthymius the Great

Nun Justa

Venerable Nestor the Silent

Leo, Bishop of Samos the Wonderworker

Peter of Rates, Bishop and martyr of Braga in Portugal

Exuperantia of Troyes in France

Lucidius, Bishop of Verona in Italy

Clarentius, Bishop of Vienne in France

Trudpert, Hermit of Münstethal in Germany

Richarius (Riquier), Abbot and Confessor in Picardy

Venerable George of Cyprus, Abbot of St. John Chrysostomos, Kyrenia District of Cyprus

Venerable Calantius of Tamassos (Kalandios), one of the “300 Allemagne Saints” in Cyprus

Stephen, Bishop of Perm

6,000 Martyrs of the St David Gareji Monastery, Georgia

New Martyrs of Novo Selo (“Holy Trinity” Novoselska convent), Bulgaria

New martyrs John Pankov, and his children Nicholas Pankov, and Peter Pankov, new martyrs of Orlov (+1918)

Translation of the sacred relics of Saint Ioannicius of Devic, Serbia

Icon of the Mother of God of Mozdok and Dubno-Krasnogorsk

Repose of Schema-nun Agnia Chizhikov of Akulovo (+1984)

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