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Saints and Feasts:

Macrina the Righteous, sister of St. Basil

Dius, Abbot of Antioch

Translation of the Holy Relics in 1903 of Righteous Seraphim of Sarov

Theodore the Sabbaite, Bishop of Edessa

Blessed Prince Romanus of Ryazan

King Stephen of Serbia, and his mother Militsa

Paisius of Kiev Caves

Hieromartyr Victor, Bishop of Glazov (+1934)

Venerable 4 Ascetics

Abba Diocles of The Paradise

Gregory, Bishop of Panedus the New Confessor

Venerable Michael

Ambrose Autpertus, Abbot of St Vincent near Benevento

Martyr Aurea (Aura), nun at Cuteclara where was denounced as a Christian by her muslim family

Felix (Felicinus), Bishop of Verona in Italy

Jerome, Bishop of Pavia in Italy

Martyrs Justa and Rufina, Two sisters in Seville in Spain

Martin, Bishop of Trier in Germany

Symmachus, Pope of Rome

Commemoration of the Miracle by Saint Haralambus at Philatra Messenia

Repose of Blessed Abbot Nilus

Repose of Elder John of St. Nilus of Sora Monastery (+1903)

Repose of Hiero-schemamonk Anthony of Valaam

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