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Saints and Feasts:

Luke the Evangelist

Marinus the Elder Martyr at Anazarbus

Julian the Hermit of Mesopotamia

Joseph the Igumen and Wonderworker of Volokolamsk

James the Deacon

Peter of Cetinje, Metropolitan of Montanegro

David of Serpukhov

Holy 40 Children

Brothen and Gwendolen of Wales

Gwen, a holy woman murdered in Talgarth in Wales

Gwen, sister of St Nonna, aunt of St David of Wales and mother of Sts Cyby and Cadfan

Justus of Beauvais, France, child-martyr aged nine

Monon, Hermit in the Ardennes, Scotland

Tryphonia, widow martyred in Rome.

Gabriel and Kyrmidoles, Newmartyrs of Egypt

Symeon and Theodore, Builders of the Holy Monastery “Mega Spelaion”

Euphrosyne, Abbess and Wonderworker

Mnason, Bishop of Cyprus

Isidore and his children, George and Irene

Synaxis of the Mother of God “Machairiotissa”

Synaxis of the Holy Cretan Fathers of the Ecumenical Synod

Hieromartyr Cyriacus (Kyriakos), Bishop of Jerusalem

Didymus the Blind of Mesopotamia

David of Serpukhov

New Hieromartyrs Andrew and Serius (+1937)

Martyrdom of Brother José Muñoz-Cortes (in monasticism Monk Ambrose), guardian of the myrrh-streaming “Montreal” Iveron Icon of the Theotokos (+1997)

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