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Saints and Feasts:

Lucian the Martyr of Antioch

Ethelric, Bishop of Durham

Savinos the Bishop of Catania

Barsus the Confessor, Bishop of Edessa

Euthymios the New of Thessalonica and Mt. Athos

John the Bishop of Suzdal

Hieromartyr Lucian the Presbyter of the Kiev Caves

Sarbelus and Bebaia of Edessa

Sabinus the Bishop of Catania


Dionysius of Suzdal

Agileus, martyred in Carthage in North Africa

Antiochus, Bishop of Lyons in France

Aurelia, princess who lived for fifty-five years as an anchoress in Strasbourg in France

Bruno-Boniface, Archbishop of Mersburg, Enlightener of the Prussians and martyred with eighteen companions

Callistus of Huesca in Spain

Cannatus, Bishop of Marseilles in France

Fortunatus, martyr in Rome

Leonard, Hermit of Vandoeuvre, Le Mans in France

Odilo, Abbot of Stavelot-Malmédy in Belgium

Sabinus, Bishop of Catania in Sicily and Hermit

Severus, Bishop of Trier in Germany

Thecla, Abbess of Ochsenfürt and Kitzingen on the Main

Willa, Anchoress of Nonnberg near Salzburg in Austria

New Hieromartyr Simeon (+1918)

Hieromartyr Valerian Novitsky of Telyadovich (+1930)

Athanasius Sakharov the Confessor, Bishop of Kovrov (+1962)

New Hieromartyrs Archbisop Seraphim (Shakhmut), Alexander Shalay, Vladimir Zubkov, Vladimir Izmajlov, Vladimir Pasternatsky, Vladimir Khirasko, Demetrius Pavsky, John Voronec, Leonod Biriukovich, archpriest Mathew Kritsuk, Michael Novitsky, Michael Polishevsky, Porfiry Rubanovich, Sergius Rodakovsky, Valerian Novitsky, Vladimir Taliush, Vladimir Khrischanovich, Demetrius Polyshevsky, John Vecherko, John Pankratovich, Nicolos Matskevich, Peter Grudinsky and Nicolos Vasiukovich

Icon of the Mother of God the “Multiplier of Wheat”

Translation of the Relics of Saint Oswald, Archbishop of York

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