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Saints and Feasts:

Longinus the Centurion

Gall, Enlightener of Switzerland

Eupraxia (in the world, Euphrosyne), Princess of Pskov

Malus the Hermit

Leontius, Dometius, Terentius and Domninus

John the Tourkolekas

Longinus the Gatekeeper of the Kiev Caves

Isaurus and Aphrodisius, who suffered with St. Longinus

Two hundred and twenty Martyrs of North-West Africa

Ambrose, Bishop of Cahors in France and Hermit

Balderic and his sister, Bova, Founders of Montfaucon and Rheims

Martyr Baldwin, Son of St Salaberga and brother of St Anstrude, Abbess of Laon in France

Bercharius, Abbot of Hautvilliers and Founder of Moutier-en-Der and Puellemoutier

Virgin Martyr Bolonia, aged fifteen of Boulogne in Maine in France

Conogan, Bishop of Quimper in Brittany

Dulcidius, Bishop of Agen in France

Eliphius, martyred in Toul in France

Eremberta, Abbess of Wierre in France

Florentinus, Bishop of Trier in Germany

Junian, Hermit in Commodoliacus near Limoges in France

Lull, Bishop of Germany

Magnobodus, Bishop of Angers in France

Martinian, Saturian and Companions, Four brothers in Mauretania in North Africa

Mummolin, Abbot of the Old Monastery and Sithin and Bishop of Noyon-Tournai in Belgium

Saturninus, Nereus and Companions, a group of three hundred and sixty-five martyrs in North Africa

Vitalis, Hermit on Mt Scobrit near the Loire

Longinus of Yarenga (Solovki)

Sabinus, monk

Domna, fool-for-Christ of Tomsk (+1872)

New Hieromartyr Eugine (+1918)

New Hieromartyr John (+1942)

Repose of Patriarch Adrian of Moscow

Repose of Abbot Neonil of Neamts, Romania

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