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Saints and Feasts:

Kevin (Coemgen), Abbot of Glengalough, Hermit of Ireland

Martyrs Lucillian, Claudius, Hypatiusat, Paul, Diorlysius, and Paula the Virgin at Byzantium

Hieromartyrs Lucian, Julian, and Maximian in Gaul

Athanasius of Cilicia the Wonderworker

Hieria, the Widow of Mesopotamia

Ivan the Fool-for-Christ

Maxianus the Presbyter

Hieromartyr Joseph, Archbishop of Thessalonica

Dorotheus I, Metropolitan of Adrianople

Gregory, Bishop of Derca

Urbicius the Monk

Julian the deacon and Martyrs Marcellinus and Saturninus in Belgium

Achilles, patriarch of Alexandria

Monk-martyr Barsabus, Abbot of Ishtar and ten companions in Persia

Clotilde, Queen of France

Pappos the Monk

Translation of the relics of the slain Crown Prince of Moscow Demetrius

Caecilius, Priest in Carthage in North Africa who converted St Cyprian to Christ

Clotilde, daughter of the King of Burgundy and wife of Clovis, King of the Franks

Cominus, companion of St Photinus and martyr in Lyons in France

Cronan, Disciple of St Kevin in Ireland

Davinus of Lucca

Gausmarus, Abbot of St Martin of Savigny in France

Genesius, Bishop of Clermont in Auvergne in France

Glunshallaich, repentant man of Ireland, converted by St Kevin

Hilary, Bishop of Carcassonne in France

Isaac of Cordoba in Spain

Liphardus, Lawyer in Orleans in France and Monk at Meung-sur-Loire

Oliva, nun at Anagni near Rome

Pergentinus and Laurentinu, Two brothers martyred in Arezzo in Italy under Decius

Translation of the relics of the slain Crown Prince Demetrius of Moscow the Wonderworker

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