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Saints and Feasts:

Kalliope the Virgin-Martyr

Removal of the Relics of Theodore the Commander

Melania the Righteous

Anastasios the New Martyr of Constantinople

Theophanes the New Martyr of Constantinople

Ephraim, Patriarch of Antioch

Zosimas of Phoenicia

Atre (Athre) of Nitria in Egypt

Naucratius, Abbot of the Studion

Theodore, Bishop of Rostov and Suzdal

Basil and Constantine, Princes of Yaroslavl

Theophilus of Luga and Otmuch

Russian new Bishop martyrs Barlaam (+1942) and his brother Herman (+1937)

Medardus, Bishop in the Netherlands

Martyr Nicander

Martyr Mark

Bron, Bishop of Cassel-Irra near Sligo in Ireland

Clodulf (Clou), Bishop of Metz

Eustadiola, Abbess of Moyenmoutier

Gildard (Godard), Bishop of Rouen in France

Heraclius, Bishop of Sens in France

Levan of Wales

Maximinus, Bishop of Aix in Provence in France

Medard, Bishop of Vermand, Noyon and Tournai in Belgium

Melania the Elder of Rome who visited the Holy Land, founding a monastery on the Mount of Olives

Muirchu (Maccutinus) of Ireland who wrote Lives of St Brigid and St Patrick

Sallustian, Martyr and Hermit of Sardinia

Severinus, Bishop of Septempeda in the Marches of Ancona in Italy

Syra (Syria), Irish anchoress of France

Victorinus, Hermit of San Severino in Italy

Hieromartyr Tevdore (Theodore) of Kvelta

Synaxis of the Church of the Cross at Mtskheta, Georgia

Glorification of St John of Kronstadt in 1990

Icon of the Mother of God of Yaroslavl

Icon of the Mother of God of White Lake

Repose of Presbyter Elias Wen (+2007)

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