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Saints and Feasts:

Justin the Philosopher and Martyr and his Companions Martyrs Chariton, Charita, Euelpistus, Hierax, Peonus, Valerian (Liberianus), and Justus at Rome

Justin Popovic, Archimandrite of Ćelije Monastery in Serbia (+1979)

Hieromartyr Pyrros the Virgin

Martyr Neon

Pyrrus the Bishop

Martyr Thespesius of Cappadocia

Martyrs Ischyrion and five other soldiers in Egypt

The holy Ten thousand Martyrs in Antiochia

Martyr Firmus

Martyr Gerasimos

Metrius the Farmer of Myra in Lycia

Martyrs Felinus and Gratinianus

Hieromartyrs Bishop Reverianus and Paul the Priest, with ten others, at Autun

Martyr Crescentian, in Saldo near Città di Castello in Italy

Martyr Juventius, in Rome

Martyr Proclus, at Bologna

Martyr Secundus, At Amelia in Umbria, thrown into the Tiber

Martyr Clarus, Bishop of Acquitaine and Evangelister of Aquitaine, France

Fortunatus of Spoleto the Wonderworker

Caprasius, Abbot of Lérins

Ronan of Locronan, Bishop of Cornwall and Brittany

Wite, female Dorset martyr

Winston of the royal house of Mercia in England

Gaudentius, Bishop of Ossero in Istria

Atto, Bishop of Oca-Valpuesta

Agapetus, Unmercenary physician of the Kiev Near Caves

Dionysius of Glushetsk in Vologda, Abbot and Wonderworker

Martyr Shio the New of Akhakalakhi in Georgia

Synaxis of the Holy Martyrs of Georgia: David, Gabriel, and Paul of the St. David Gareji Monastery

New Hieromartyr Onuphrius Gagalyuk, Bishop of Kharkov (+1938)

New Hieromartyr Basil and Virgin-martyr Vera Samsonov (+1940)

Commemoration of the deliverance of the island of Lefkada from the plague through the intercession of Saint Bessarion, Archbishop of Larissa

Repose of Elder Philaret of Kapsala, Mt. Athos (+1975)

Glorification in 1990 of Righteous John of Kronstadt (+1908)

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