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Saints and Feasts:

Julian the Martyr

Holy Martyrs Peter, Dionysius, Andrew, Paul and Christina of Lampsacus

Holy Martyrs Heraclius, Paulinus and Benedimus of Athens

Euphrasia the Martyr of Nicea

Martyr Galactia

Martyr Theodotus of Ancyra and with him eight virgin-martyrs: Alexandra, Tecusa, Claudia, Phaine (Thaïna), Euphrasia, Theodota, Matrona, and Julia

Martyr Dioscorus in Cynopolis of Egypt

Martyrs Symeon, Isaac, and Bachtisius of Persia

Hieromartyr Potamon (Palæmon), Bishop of Heraclea in Egypt and Confessor

The Holy clergy and lay martyrs massacred under Emperor Valens

Martyrs David and Tarechane of Georgia

Patriarch Stephen the New of Constantinople

Anastaso (Anastasia) of Leukadion, near the Bithinian sea-shore

Martinian of Areovinthus

Hosios Stephanos the Chorabyte

Martyr Venantius of Camerino

Hieromartyr Felix, Bishop of Spoleto, in Umbria

Hieromartyr Pope John I of Rome

Hieromartyr Pope Theodore I of Rome

Martyr Merililaun, a pilgrim murdered near Rheims

Feredarius mac Cormaic, Abbot of Iona

Elgiva, Widow of King Edmund, Abbess of Shaftesbury

Macarius Glukharev, Archimandrite of the Altai

John Gashkevich, Archpriest of Korma (+1917)

New Hieromartyr Michael Vinogradov (+1932)

New Hieromartyr Damian Strbac of Grahovo, Serbia (+1941)

New Hieromartyr Basil Krylov, (+1942)

Translation of the relics of Saint Mildred, Abbess of Minster-in-Thanet

Repose of Blessed Philip, founder of the Gethsemane Caves Skete of St. Sergius Lavra

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