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Saints and Feasts:

Julia the Virgin-martyr of Carthage

Athenogenes the Holy Hieromartyr, Bishop of Heracleopolis and his 10 disciples

New Martyr John of Trnovo

1,015 Martyrs in Pisidia

Martyrs Paul and his two sisters Chionia (Thea) and Alevtina (Valentina) at Caesarea in Palaestine

Martyr Antiochus, the Physicianof Sebaste

Martyr Faustus

Martyr Athenogenes

Holy Women Martyrs

Anastasius and Euxitheius, Bishops of Thessalonica

Martyr Domnio in Bergamo in Italy

Generosus, Abbot of Saint-Jouin-de-Marnes in Poitou in France

Martyr Helier, Hermit of Jersey in the Channel Islands

Irmengard, Abbess of Buchau and then of Chiemsee in Germany

Martyr Reineldis and her Companions

Sisenandus, Deacon of St Acisclus in Cordoba in Spain

Tenenan, Hermit in Brittany and Bishop of Léon

Hieromartyr Valentine, Bishop of Trier in Germany and Tongres in Belgium

Vitalian, Bishop of Osimo in Italy

Vitalian, Bishop of Capua in the south of Italy

New Confessor Matrona Belyakova, Fool-for-Christ of Anemnyasevo (+1936)

New Hieromartyr James, Archbishop of Barnaul and with him Hieromartyrs Peter and John (+1937)

Hieromartyr Theodore and Martyr John (+1937)

New Hieromartyrs Seraphim, Theognostus, and others of Alma-Ata (+1921)

Magdalena, Schema-Abbess of New Tikhvin Convent in Siberia (+1934)

Icon of the Mother of God of Chirsk-Pskov

Repose of Elder Theodotus of Glinsk Hermitage

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