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Saints and Feasts:

Joseph the Hymnographer of Sicily

Nicetas, Abbot of the Monastery of Medicium

Virgin-Martyrs Theodosia and Irene

Virgin-Martyr Agape

Martyrs Dius, Bithonius, and Galycus

Martyr Elpidephorus

Martyrs Cassius, Philip, and Eutychius of Thessalonica

Martyr Ulphianus of Tyre

Martyrs Evagrius, Benignus, Chrestus, Arestus, Kinnudius, Rufus, Patricius, and Zosima, at Tomis in Moesia

Venerable Illyrius of Mount Myrsinon in the Peloponnese

Pancras (Pancratius) of Taormina

Sixtus I (Xystus), Pope of Rome

Fara (Burgundofara) of Eboriac

Attala (Attalus), Abbot of Taormina in Sicily

Nectarius, founder of Bezhetsk Monastery (Tver)

New martyr Paul the Russian at Constantinople

Synaxis of the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “The Unfading Rose” (“The Unfading Blossom, The Flower of Incorruption”)

Repose of Elder Amphilochios Makris of Patmos (+1970)

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