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Saints and Feasts:

Jason and Sosipater the Apostles of the 70 and their Companions at Corfu

Our Holy Father John of Kaloktenos, Metropolitan of Thebes

Theocharus and Apostolus of Arta

Basil, Bishop of Montenegro

Nektarios the New Martyr of Optina (+1928)

Martyrs Saturninus, Jakischolus (Inischolus), Faustianus, Januarius, Marsalius, Euphrasius, Mammius – the holy seven former thieves

Virgin Martyr Cercyra

Martyr Zenon

Martyr Neon

Martyrs Vitalius and his wife Valeria

Christodolus the Ethiopian

Martyrs Diodorus and Rhodoplanus, deacons at Aphrodisia in Anatolia

Atticus and Cyntianus (Cyntion)

Martyr Rhodopianus the Deacon at Aphrodisia in Anatolia

John Tolaius, Patriarch of Alexandria

Martyr John the Vlachos of Wallachia, Romania

Nicetas, Abbot of Synnada

Nicephorus of Sebaze

Martyr Torpes (Tropez)

Hieromartyrs Apapius and Secundinus, Bishops in Numidia

Virgin Martyrs Tertula, Antonia and an Anonymous Female Martyr with her two children

Severus, Wonderworker of Naples

Dictinus, the first convert of St. Patrick in Ulster in Ireland

Paulinus of Brescia, Bishop and confessor

Secundellus the Deacon, in Gaul

Endelienta, nun and recluse of Cornwall

Senan, Hermit of North Wales

Fiachan of Lismore

Wilfrid II, Bishop of York

Ava, Abbess of a convent at Denain in Hainault

Martyr Daniel of Gerona, Hermit of Spain

Metropolitan John of Kaloktenos the New, Metropolitan of Thebes, the Merciful One

Arsenius, Archbishop of Suzdal

Basil, Wonderworker of Ostrog, myrhh-streamer, Metropolitan of Zahumlje

Holy Martyrs of Lazeti (Georgia)

New Martyr Stanko the Shepherd, of Montenegro

Amphilochius, schema-abbot of Pochaev (+1970)

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