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Saints and Feasts:

James (Iakovos) the Apostle, brother of Our Lord

Macarius the Roman

Our Righteous Father Ignatius, Patriarch of Constantinople

Translation of the relics of Blessed James of Borovichi the Wonderworker of Novgorod

Elisha of Lavreshev

Petronius, disciple of St. Pachomius the Great

Nicephorus of Constantinople

Holy Two Children

Amo, Bishop of Toul in France

Benedict, Bishop of Sebaste in Samaria

Clether (Scledog, Clitanus or Cleodius) of Cornwall

Domitius, Hermit near Amiens in France

Elfleda, Princess and Anchoress in Glastonbury in England

Ethelfleda, Founder and Abbess of Romsey in England

John, Bishop of Syracuse in Sicily

Leothadius, Abbot of Moissac in the south of France and Bishop of Auch

Oda, Princess married to the Duke of Aquitaine in France

Romanus, Bishop of Rouen

Martyrs Servandus and Germanus, sons of St Marcellus of Léon in Spain

Severinus, Bishop of Bordeaux in France

Severinus Boethius, statesman and philosopher martyred at Pavia in Italy

Severinus, Bishop of Cologne in Germany

Syra, Abbess of Châlons-sur-Marne, France

Verus, Bishop of Salerno in Italy

Sebastiane of Thrace

New Hieromartyrs Nicolos, Vladimir, Alexander, Nicolos, Emilian and Sozont (+1937)

Translation of the relics of Blessed James of Borovichi, Wonder-worker of Novgorod

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