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Saints and Feasts:

Isaacius, Abbot of the Monastery of Dalmatus

Macrina the Elder, grandmother of St. Basil the Great

Barlaam the Monk of Caesarea

Natalios the Martyr

Emmelia of Caesarea, mother of Saint Basil the Great

Martyrs Aphrodisius, Agapius, Eusebios, Charalampos and Christina, in Nicomedia

Martyrs Romanos and Teletios, in Nicomedia

Martyr Euplius

Hieromartyr Eutyches

Cyprian of Antioch

Protomartyrs Gabinus and Crispulus, at Torres in Sardinia

Pope Felix I

Venantius of Gaul, elder brother of St Honoratus of Lérins

Exuperantius, Bishop of Ravenna and Confessor

Madelgisilus of Ireland

Anastasius of Pavia

Hubert of Bretigny and Maastricht, “Apostle of the Ardennes” and Bishop of Liège

Gamo, Abbot of Brétigny near Noyon in France

Walstan of Taverham and Costessey

James of Starotorzhok in Galich, Kostroma

Venerables Isaiah and Nikanor of Arkhangel’sk

Hieromartyr Basil (+1942)

Consecration of the Church of St. Euphemia in Dexiokratiana, Constantinople

Repose of Abbot Ephraim of Sarov

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