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Saints and Feasts:

Hilarion the New of Dalmation Monastery

Venerable Bessarion the Wonderworker of Egypt

Five Virgins of Caesarea: Martha, Mary, Cyris, Valeria and Marcia

Virgin-martyrs Archelais, Thecla, and Susanna at Salerno

Paisius, Abbot of Uglich

Jonah, Abbot of Klimetzk

Jonah, Bishop of Perm

Attalus the Wonderworker


Photius the Monk

Venerable Anoub the Flagbearer

Andronicus the Hieromartyr

Alexander, Bishop of Fiesole in Italy

Artemius, Candida and Paulina

Ceratius (Cérase), Bishop of Grenoble in France

Claudius, Bishop of Besançon

Cocca (Cucca, Cuach), Patron-saint of Kilcock on the borders of Cos. Meath and Kildare in Ireland

Eustorgius, Bishop of Milan in Italy

Gudwall (Curval), Bishop from Wales and founder of Devon and Cornwall

Jarlath, Bishop of Tuam in Connaught in Ireland

John of Verona

Vincent, Bishop of Bevagna in Umbria in Italy

Martyrs Amandus, Amantius, Alexander, Lucius, Alexander, Alexandria, Donatus, and Peregrius at Noviodunum in Scythia Minor

Uncovering of the relics of Saint Barlaam of Khutyn in Novgorod

Translation of the relics of Saint Basil the Hieromartyr and Wonderworker, Bishop of Mangaziya, Serbia

Icon of the Mother of God of Pimen

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