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Saints and Feasts:

Hieromartyr Metrophanes, the first Chinese Eastern Orthodox priest, and the 227 Chinese new martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion, at Peking and other places (+1900)

Luke, Hierarch-surgeon of Simferopol (+1961)

Bartholomew the Holy Apostle

Barnabas the Holy Apostle

Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “It is Truly Meet” and the Revelation of the Hymn Axion Estin to a monk on Mt. Athos by the Archangel Gabriel

Abbot Barnabas of Vetluga

Martyr Theopemptus and four others

Barnabas, the Wonderworker of Basa near Limasol, Cyprus

Zafirius the Neomartyr

Blitharius (Blier), in Seganne, Champagne

Felix and Fortunatus

Herebald (Herband), a hermit in Brittany

Holy virgin Tochumra, venerated in Kilmore, Ireland

Niphont, Patriarch of Constantinople

Uncovering of the relics of Saint Ephraim, Abbot of New Torzhok

Translation of the relics of Saint Arcadius, monk of Vyazma and New Torzhok

Repose of the righteous recluse Melania of Eletz and Zadonsk

Repose of Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, conquerer of the Persian Empire and spreader of the Greek language

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