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Saints and Feasts:

Gregory V, the Holy Martyr and Patriarch of Constantinople

Terence and his Companions, Africanus, Maximus, Pompeius, and 36 others, including Zeno, Alexander, and Theodore beheaded at Carthage

Holy Father Theona, Archbishop of Thessolonica

Prophetess Huldah (Olda)

Miltiades, Pope of Rome

Hieromartyrs James the Presbyter, and Deacons Azadanes and Abdicius, of Persia

Martyrs of Rome

Palladius, Abbot and Bishop of St Germanus in Auxerre

Martyrs Beocca, Ethor and others, at Chertsey Abbey

Bede the Younger, court official and monk at Gavello near Rovigo

Macarius of Antioch

The Holy Martyrs of Kvabtakhevi Monastery (Georgia)

Nun-martyr Anastasia, Abbess, and 34 nuns with her, of Uglich

Venerable martyrs of the Daou Penteli Monastery, in Penteli

New Martyr George of Cyprus, at Acre (Palestine)

New Martyr Demos (Demetrios) of Smyrna

New Monk-martyr Chrysanthus of Xenophontos, Mt. Athos

New Hieromartyr Flegont Pongilsky (+1938)

Martyr Demetrius Vdovin (+1942)

Consecration of Ioasaph (Bolotov) as Bishop of Kodiak, Alaska

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